Sunday, December 28, 2014

Best Snacks

Best Snacks

Hahah, I just love this shirt.  Don't you?  Too dumb for New York, too ugly for L.A.  But anyways, I'm way off topic.  Snacks.  I just thought it would be a fun post to talk about, I mean who isn't curious about what other people snack on?

Milano Rasberry Cookies
mmmmhmmmm this is heaven.  If you haven't tried it, go to your nearest grocery store and get one, because you're missing out.

Granola Bars and Yogurt
try this combo out.  It's healthy and satisfies your sweet tooth.  can I say... mmm MMMmmMMmm.

Quaker Rice Cakes
This is great if you're on a diet.  Or a great substitute away from those nasty chips.  Purchase this the next time your out and about in the grocery store.

Dried Mangoes
Sounds gross, but if you haven't tried it, it's well worth the try.  It's sweet and quite addicting.  TRY IT OUT.  Try it out.

Golden Grahams
kayy... cereal is great to snack on and this should be considered the kind and queen of it all.  It's soo good.  Agreed? yass?



  1. I love caramel rice cakes :) x

  2. Cute shirt! Dried mangoes are specialties where I'm from. Love them!

  3. Granola bars and yoghurt- will have to remember to try this out :) xx Maja

  4. Cutest sweater ever!! Love it!!

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    Keep in touch!!


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  6. sounds like yummy snacks but moreover I cannot bet enough of that hilarious sweatshirt!

    Rae | Love from Berlin


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