Friday, December 26, 2014

How I Stay Organized (College Edition)

How I Stay Organized (College Edition)

Notebook Folder

I purchased a notebook folder (which is basically folders attached together to look like a notebook) from Target that had 5 folders and an envelope, which was the perfect folder considering I only had five courses.  So what I typically like to do--rather than the separate folder for each class method-- is to designate one slip for one course. I simply file away my syllabus and anything class related into that slip.

A few things I also keep in mind is:  
one.  Making sure I clean out the folders (filing handed back material into bins at home) every few days.
two.  placing the homework that I need to finish towards the front,&&
three.  when I finish the assignment putting that in front of everything else

I highly highly recommend these notebook folders since they do a superior job in keeping your things organized and it's easy to keep track (just make sure you never lose it!). 

One Subject 5-star Notebooks

For my first semester of college I decided to buy a five subject 5-star notebook, but I'd recommend buying the one subject 5-star notebooks.  Why?  Some courses take a lot of notes and others ehh.. not so much.  So carrying a five subject notebook all around campus can be a bit of a drag when you're not using much for the other courses.


I have a whole post on how I organize my agenda, so I won't say too much here... but go on and check it out.

Pencil Pouch

This seems basic, but it's a necessity, trust me.  You don't want to be scavenger hunting for a pencil at the bottom of you backpack every time you need one.  What a major irritation!

Trash Bin

Not literally though.  But you do need a place to stock up past assignments, just until the semester ends or later.  Because you never know, you can get a zero on that one assignment you handed in, but where's the proof.  This is also highly beneficial in college since you need to get know everything for the finals.  So I recommend getting a folder for each course and chronologically filing the papers away.  I also like to put a sticky note on midterms and test so I can spot them right away.

And that's all I have on staying organized.  I hope this was helpful.  Stay awesome.



  1. great ideas to stay organized! good luck with college and thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. Awesome! Have a very happy new year!


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