Thursday, December 25, 2014

What's in my college backpack?

What's in my backpack 

I love love LOVE watching those "What's in my backpack?" videos on Youtube. It's become quite an obsession... an addiction really.  I don't quite know why, it just is.  So I thought it would it would be fun to make a quick post on what's in my backpack this year.

For all of you who don't know, I just started college recently (Whoop whoop).  For my backpack I have a simple black North Face backpack [hot shot]--and I absolutely love it.  I had this for around 3 years and it's still looks completely brand new. So if you're considering what backpack to buy for college, I would highly HIGHLY recommend a North Face backpack.  It might be 'pricey' from the looks, but it will stick with you for years.   So definitely look into it.  (Not to mention it looks great with any kind of outfit, and give's you that effortless ambiance...which is always a major PLUS!)

Next on my list is my agenda.  I was considering buying a Lilly Pulitzer but decided to buy a Kate Spade instead.  This agenda is perfect for college.  It's spacious and stylish.  A must buy for college.

For my tech side, I only carry around my iPad and iPhone since it's light weight and does all the work.  I bring  my laptop around only when I need to finish some essays.  But for class lectures and note taking, my iPad and iPhone does the trick perfectly.

Nevertheless, you still need a notebook for college.  For this semester I carried around a 5-subject five star notebook, but I'd recommend getting a single subject five star notebook instead. I used it mainly for my math and economics course and kept the other sections free for scrap/homework paper.

Next I have a graphing calculator.  Exciting.  And then a few pencils, pens, and highlighters.  
Some college must needs: which includes my prescription glasses and sunglasses--since I'm literally blind as a mice--some headphones for those long walks around campus, some hair elastics, an EOS lip balm and lotion, my wallet, a lanyard for my school ID,  keys and my lovable Nalgene waterbottle.

(oh and by the way, if you're wondering on how I made this fabulous collage... I made it on Polyvore)


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